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about olive47

• olive47 is always all lower case and one word...always...

• born in chattanooga tennessee. 
• undergrad degree in painting from savannah college of art and design, savannah GA USA
• masters degree in printmaking from camberwell college of the arts. london UK

likes:  animals, esp small mammals, seaweed ramen from mr. ramen, succulents, Paul Klee, Barcelona.
dislikes:  Banana flavouring, olives, pop music, marmite, Warhol, large crowds.

Inspiration:  nature, camping, snorkeling, travel
favourite traveling: spain, berlin, tokyo, miami, new york
music: hip hop, experimental electronic, bhangra

 general trivia. 
• used to paint murals of southern plantations and rococo cupids in houses and businesses for extra money in college.
• has lived in Savannah, GA, Portland, OR, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and London UK
• started cult in 2002, now boasts over 450 members.
• began doing "street art" in 1995 making collages from old 50's science books, xeroxing and posting them on telephone poles. 
• tattoo on her back is image from one of the science books. depicts the theory of reflection.
• moved on to stickers in 1998 while working for design companies in Los Angeles...Used company credit card to pay for them. 
• First sticker was of 7 inch pink sperm with one eye.
• The egg with salt was the first image used for a paste up. 
• Uses primarily exterior latex and brushes rather than spray paint because of asthma and allergy problems.